• The Ultimate Name In

    Sticker Kumkum Bindi

  • The Ultimate Name In

    Sticker Kumkum Bindi

About us

Mr. Atul H. Jobanputra

We started as a Small Scale Industry in 1980 manufacturing basic and simple bindis on plain velvet manually. Keeping in touch with the technology today we manufacture bindis like plain, kumkum, sticker bindis, tatoos, eyebrow decorations, nail & body jewels, body stickers etc. We use latest state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to manufacture bindis, body spots, tatoos.

We have a dedicated team of designers for designing bindis, which requires craftsmanship and skill.

We supply bindis all over India right from villages to metropolitan cities. We have also exported our specially designed body jewels, dots for nails and tatoos to London.

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  • 105, Indira Colony, Bal Rajeshwar Road, Behind Akshay Hotel, Mulund (West), Mumbai - 400 080.
  • +91 93240 14666